Only great meetings.

AI-powered recommendations empowering you to make meetings productive. End pointless gatherings, get back the time you’d have lost and be the change your workplace needs.

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“This meeting was a total waste of time…”

Ever had that thought? You’re not alone. The truth is that the vast majority of meetings are terribly inefficient.

Conducting highly productive meetings is a skill that we’re not taught in school, nor at work during onboarding or later.

Attempts to get rid of bad habits fail after watching a video course or reading an article. It’s impossible to change our behaviors overnight.

  • Starting late and running over time

  • No defined goal to be achieved

  • No agenda

  • Irrelevant

  • Unprepared participants

  • Too many people

  • Participants not paying attention

  • Discussion going off topic

  • No clear decisions and actions

The problem with meetings is habits, not tools.

Bad meetings are harmful


People often feel stuck or even trapped. Even one short, unnecessary meeting can negatively affect your mood long after leaving the office


Many people have to plan their entire day around meetings that are not particularly productive. This causes disruption to the tasks on hand

Lost money

According to research, US companies will lose more than $400 Billion on inefficient meetings this year alone!

Low morale

Team morale decreases significantly if people consistently experience unproductive meetings with nothing accomplished or gained

Spreading mediocrity

Lack of accountability for bad meetings encourages people to lower their standards in all other areas

Low performance

After yet another pointless meeting, it can be really tough to get momentum again. It’s a huge productivity challenge!

Be the best self with Meethena

Take control of your time

Meethena helps you be mindful about meetings you attend and how to use your time efficiently

Become happier

Turn meetings into efficient ways of collaborating, instead of an unpleasant chore.  Decrease your overall frustration and get back time you need to accomplish more

Boost you career

Brand yourself as one that can achieve the meeting goal, regardless if you are an organizer or a participant. That ability is invaluable for any team and any industry

Never stop learning

With thousands of different scenarios, Meethena will always have something new for you. Keep discovering!

Help others

Meethena gets smarter over time with every interaction. As you use Meethena, she becomes even more helpful for you and others

Know the result

Meethena allows you to see how much time your decisions approximately saved. You’ll be surprised how big of a difference you can make!

30 seconds to save hours

Before joining or scheduling a meeting, use Meethena to answer 3 tailored questions.  You’ll get the best, reasonable alternative of a meeting or an actionable hint to make the meeting shorter and more productive.
It’s simple as that.

Select the type of meeting

Even though every meetings is different, Meethena has them covered

Answer 3 questions

They are tailored by Meethena’s artificial intelligence to give you the biggest value based on previous users’ interactions

Follow the recommendation

Meethena will suggest a small, actionable hint on how to make the meeting more productive or if there is an alternative to scheduling a meeting. You will be surprised how some meetings are not needed at all!


Great job! You just took another step towards having Only Great Meetings. Keep it up!

Big improvements come with little changes

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Frequently asked questions

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Do I need to use the same email as I use on Slack?

No. You can use whatever email you would like to purchase and use Meethena.

Will I be charged now?

No. Your card won’t be charged until Meethena is launched in Summer 2019. We will keep you updated for the exact date.
If you don’t want to continue with the subscription, just cancel and we will refund you. No questions asked!

When will the Internal Beta take place?

Meethena Beta will start in June 2019. Signing up is completely optional, but you’re welcome to join anytime!

Can I use Meethena in multiple Workspaces?

One Meethena subscription allows you to use it in one Slack Workspace. Even though you can access Meethena through one Workspace, you should still be able to use it to help with your meetings. Feel free to contact us if you would like to change the workspace from where you would normally access Meethena from.

How do I know that I have successfully placed my order?

Once processed, we will email you a confirmation of your preorder.

Can I modify or cancel my preorder?

Yes. If you get buyer’s remorse (we hope you don’t 😉) you may cancel or change your order at any time.
Just send us an email at with your request. We will try our best to accommodate you!

What happens if there's an issue with my payment when Meethena is launched?

We will contact you and try to resolve the issue on our end. In the meantime we work towards a resolution, you will still be able to use Meethena. However, if we do not hear back from you after several attempts to contact you, your order may be cancelled.

I received an invoice for $0. Is it wrong?

It’s perfectly fine! We won’t charge you until Launch date. The $0 invoice is to confirm your preorder was placed successfully. When Meethena is launched, all customers with active preorders will receive a separate invoice for $25 for one annual subscription.

How are payments processed?

Orders and payments are processed by our online reseller is the Merchant of Record for all our transactions. Paddle provides all payment customer service inquiries and handles payment returns.

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